Gravity Die Casting

We produce Gravity Die castings of weight ranging from 80g to 30kg.


GOWSAI is one of the renowned company that is engaged in the production of wide range of aluminium casting components. With over three decades of experience and expertise in the industry, GOWSAI has earned a trusted name for quality among Industrial, Automotive, Locomotive & Aerospace customers.

As a GOWSAI customer, you are assured of a product of an exceptional quality, manufactured and delivered to your specifications. Our experience is reflected in the quality of our products and services to our customers.

We manufacture aluminium castings by the following processes

  • Gravity Die Casting

  • Pressure Die Casting

  • Sand Casting

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    GOWSAI is determined to improve productivity and focus continuously on innovation and up-gradation of its products and people. Quality is not just a goal; it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.


    GOWSAI´s mission is to maintain its position by offering its clients expert services and solution. We strive to exceed client expectations. Our primary concern is to get the job done right the first time-on schedule.


  • GOWSAI owes much of its success to its unswerving dedication to its core value.
  • We value and encourage creativity and innovation, strategic thinking.
  • We adhere to high standards of professional ethics.
  • We believe in relationships. We treat our client's needs as our own, so we approach each and every project as a part of your team.